The department was established on 1stJune 2015 separated from science department. It comprises of competent personnel headed by MR. OGINDA BENARD. The other members include

  • Mr. Owino
  • Mr. OSEN
  • Mr. Casmir
  • Mr. Mokua
  • Mr. Oginda
  • Mr. Ouma
  • Ms. Mary
  • Mr. Mogire

Mathematics department was established to help students realize the importance and the beauty of mathematics. Since mathematics is a key subject to most courses ranging from engineering, medicine, business, education, political science to architecture, we have introduced joint examinations with schools with better foundation in mathematics to offer challenge to our students and widen their perception of mathematics as a subject.

Teachers of mathematics are always available for consultation a fact that has led to a change of attitude towards mathematics. Our students today view mathematics as an enjoyable subject that opens doors to every aspect of life.

We understand that mathematics is a subject that is more like a game that needs practice, for this reason our students sit for mathematics’ weekly test to improve on their mastery and speed. It is a rule in our department that every student must have their mathematical aids and instruments.

Our departments attribute our achievement to unity and corporation among the staff. Welcome to our department.

Mr. Oginda Benard

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  HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Mr. Mogire Edwin 

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The science department comprises of the following subjects;

Biology. Physics. Chemistry. Our science department has nine …

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