Language Department




Members of the department:

  1. Ong’era Stellah – English
  2. Daniel Bororo – English
  3. Kelvin momanyi – English
  4. Roneck Mochama – Kiswahili
  5. Douglas onyambu – Kiswahili
  6. Dominic ombati – Kiswahili
  7. Maurine albert- kiswahili
  8. Muthoni Nyambane- English

There are two subjects under this department: English and Kiswahili.

The department has its strongholds in determination, commitment and teamwork.  Early syllabus coverage and quality testing, marking of examinations and revision. The department is faced with the following challenges:

  • Poor reading culture among students
  • Usage of sheng’ among learners
  • Negative attitude by learners towards some set books and poetry and mashairi in general.

To counter these challenges, members of the departments encourage students to have a positive attitude towards the subjects since they are compulsory subjects and to consult whenever they have a problem which they think they cannot handle by themselves.

The department plans through the support of the school management to have a positive reinforcement of students who perform well in these subjects through rewards in order to motivate others.

Students are also encouraged to have group discussions.  There are also plans to establish drama club in the school to enhance communicative competence among the learners and develop their creativity and personality in public speaking.  Debates, contests with other schools, symposiums, impromptu speeches and other related forums are not given a cold shoulder in their significant contribution towards achieving the mission of the department which is enabling learners reach their full potential.

The language department has also initiated writing competitions in their quest to boost the culture of writing in the school.  Best article from students will soon be included in upcoming magazines as it is deemed that this would captivate learners to do better as they desire their work to appear in the magazine.

 Mr. Daniel Bororo



  HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Mr. Mogire Edwin 

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