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Riambase secondary school boarding dates back to 2012.  It was started to cater for those students who came from far also to create extra time for form fours.

By then, it was majorly targeting the students whose choice was only limited to boarding unlike students from other forms.  We began with a population of 84 students and currently there are 679 students. This has led to an increase in the number of dormitories from two to seven.

I can attest to this far that nothing comes by itself or for the sake of it.  It needs sacrifice and commitment.  The presence commitment and support of other teachers like Ochwang’I, Mogire, Onyambu, Nyarwaba, Mokono, Kelvin, Ouma, Ogoto,Madam Stellah and house masters and mistress,they include:

1.Miss Mary kanini           Moriah

2. Miss Stellah                Olive

3.Miss Mary Kwamboka     Carmel

4.Mr. Ogoto/Kevin             Horeb

5. Mr Mogire/Onyambu      Sinai A&B

6. Mr Ouma                     Nebo

they have made boarding a success in this school,

In addition the school principal has always supported our department both materially and financially and above all he is our major reinforcement since he is ever present to make it a success.  The students in boarding have an upper hand compared to the day scholars, since they get extra- coaching at night and can consult teachers at will.

There is a church within the institution, water in plenty and 2 canteens which provide enough items for both students and teachers all that is necessary for a comfortable stay of students in school.  It is therefore necessary to note that it’s rare to have our students out of the school compound.  We always keep in touch with parents through phone calls and sending messages whenever the students are required to get out of school.

 Finally, commitment and sacrifice is a road to success in anything one does.

                                                                Onkundi Ronald M.






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  HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Mr. Mogire Edwin 

        There are 8 clubs, …

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