guidance and counselling



This is a very important department in the school since it offers insights to student’s morals, academic and general life in and outside school.  The department is grounded in one major objective: helping students to become people who are fit to live with others in society and not social misfits.  Thus in society people are different therefore, flexibility and accommodation brings growth and appreciation.

There are many problems that students face in life and without someone to show them the way through encouragement and guidance, such students may lose direction and end up ruining their lives thus the Guidance and counseling department comes in handy.   With the ever changing world, there are more problems than solutions.  Some of the problems include: drug abuse, HIV/AIDs, early pregnancies, STIs, poverty and negative influence from the media and family problems, when all these problems are compounded with the demands of education they become enormous to students. 

In life, there will always be risks, obstacles and even moments of despair but determined people will turn these challenges to opportunities since determination is essential for success.  This determination must be accompanied by courage because courage is the driving force that will make one achieve something in life.  Therefore students should have courage and determination in order for them to achieve their goals.  Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it’s a quiet voice at the end of the day saying “I will try again tomorrow,” thus everybody is encouraged to be courageous and determined.

Guidance and counseling department helps students to be focused and determined in their studies and to have a vision in their life.  As a department we also encourage students to prioritize education and avoid other worldly passions and pleasures since they cannot kill two birds with one stone. 

To the parents, we wish to shed some light on educating a girl child.  Sometimes, parents are not committed to their children’s education in general and specifically the girls.  Therefore, parents need to talk with their children and advice them on the importance of education.  To the parents of those girls who get pregnant and drop out of schools, we wish to encourage them to take the girls back to school to complete their studies since they should know that everybody make mistakes and students are no exception.  Mistakes at times can ruin one’s life completely but on the other hand, they can be seedlings of future success therefore such students should not be denied an opportunity of picking up their pieces and sticking them together for their bright future. 

The department is faced with a few challenges here and there.  Some of which include inadequate time to attend to students due to school’s routine and student’s population.  Currently the department is being run by two teachers and owing to the fact that these teachers have to perform other duties in the school, it becomes difficult at times to deal with the student’s problems effectively.  Therefore, the department is planning on establishing a G and G club to boost its performance in offering information to students regarding healthy matters and positive disciplinary counseling. 

Finally, guidance and counseling is a collective responsibility for both parents and teachers thus parents should help teachers to understand their children for them to offer necessary services that a student needs.  At times parents assume that it is the responsibility of teachers to guide students and more often than not they transfer their roles to teachers which should not be the case.  Let’s all work together for the well being of these children.

                                                               Madam Ong’era Stellah.



  HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Mr. Mogire Edwin 

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