ANGST perfectly describes my impression of Riambase DEB Secondary school when I first beheld the school- a complete sense of déjà vu. Well that was seven years ago, today I look back with some sense of pride at how far we have come and what we have achieved in that time having moved from four classroom shells to a functional nine streams, an incomplete laboratory, four dormitories ,a teachers’ house and a small administration block. The student population has grown from about 120 (only 84 actually came to school) to 738 currently.

The school land mass measured about an acre, today the size has increased to about 5 acres and counting enabling the school to manage its expansion needs.

The champion of all this, it must be said, is the indefatigable Daniel Mauti Onchiri; the board chairman-gregarious and unabashedly optimistic. Even in the eye of a cyclone, he always has something positive to look forward to. The members of the academic staff have put their all in this project (Riambase is a project to us), some at the expense of their families. Bearing the derision that comes with having to leave their homes in the dead of the night and arriving back way after dusk to ensure that the boat does not sink- to you all my colleagues is a coat of many colors.

Today we celebrate another milestone in the life of Riambase – the launch of a full color school magazine, the work majorly of the school journalism club. It is our beliefs that these baby steps mark the sum total of our success and continuity- our destination being the sun.

Our future is rife with opportunities and potentials untapped. We are determined to compete with the very best this country has to offer and we will never give our lack of basic resources as an excuse for not achieving our goals. We are resolute and united in this our future endeavor.

Our dream as a school, aspirations of our parents and the objectives of the ministry of education and the teachers’ service commission oil the cogs of this engine and with it our mission, vision and motto-we strive for excellence.

Obenge P.O.



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