We welcome our readers to our school magazine.   We appreciate the support and assistance accorded to us from within and outside Riambase secondary school.  Particularly we want to appreciate the efforts of our school principal whose brilliant ideas led to the success of this work.

This magazine offers an indispensable view from which students reflect upon themselves in terms of behavior change and other emerging issues in school.   This edition also gears towards challenging, advising, entertaining and cultivating the thirst for reading not only for fun but also for knowledge.  It is our wish that the magazine will be a valuable instrument for parents and guarding to counsel their children and for the students to learn the importance of discipline.

We would also like to highlight that the edition not only hit the road to emancipate students on the core values of the school but also inform the students and the society at large of the need to be morally upright.  This magazine will ensure that the school’s effort to nature responsible citizens of this nation to be dependable and self motivated individuals in and out of school will never go unappreciated since despite the challenges we encounter in life, none should fire up since challenges shapes our future.  Remember making an attempt and failing doesn’t imply loss and hopelessness, but a beginning of innovation and succeed in subsequent undertaking.  Once again share with us in these experiences and always be part to us if not with us in making this work a success.

 Thank you and may the Almighty Creator bless you  as you enjoy reading.

Mr. Wilfred Karagacha


Riambase D.E.B Secondary school is committed to instill in its students standards for academic scholarship, integrity, leadership and responsible citizenship.

 The school core values are:

 i). Hard work to ensure that each student exceeds their individual learning goals

ii). Integrity: we are committed to integrity in every aspect of our operation and pledge ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and accountability

iii). Time management: Briskness to economically use time resource

iv). Quality: We are committed to maintaining education quality commensurate with the national curricular objectives and acceptable standards of good practice for secondary education in Kenya.

v). Team work: building a strong positive team of students, teachers and support staff

vi). Excellence: our efforts will evidence care, wisdom thoughtfulness knowledge and skill

vii). Indiscrimination: we are committed to provide education without discrimination on the basis of race, tribe origin or disability.







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The science department comprises of the following subjects;

Biology. Physics. Chemistry. Our science department has nine …

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